Project Zone


“iifall” is a series of installations exhibiting art that exists only at the moment. In 2017, Brigitt Lademann worked on a constantly changing installation in the “iifall” room at oxyd. To this end, she invited artists from various disciplines to develop an installation with her. On every 15th of the month, this culminated in an evening with guests and a performance of about thirty minutes, followed by a meal and discussion.The idea for this concept arose from the contradiction of an artist being an organizer.

Brigitt Lademann organized seven performances for the “iifall” series at oxyd from March to December 2017. She knows the invited artists. That is to say, she has an idea of their work and sees how it intersects with her own. Such points of connection are always the beginning of collaboration. For example, Brigitt saw a piece by Béatrice Jaccard in which a wonderful cloud cover plays a role and then showed Jaccard photos of her installation “Biotope: Cloud”. “Fog 1 – 6” developed from this. Brigitt Lademann establishes the proper installation for each collaboration, from which the event then develops together with the invited artist. In each case the event lasts a good half hour, in the darkened room. This in turn transforms the installation, rendered visible and accessible for the visitors of the exhibition. The light is then dimmed, but not dark for neither the performance nor the exhibition.The installation fills the “iifall” room and imagines other worlds, without wanting to obscure the room. The old stove plays a role, as well as the massive table. Many things, like pans and metal sheets, resurface time and again. One remarkable thing that challenges Lademann and also the visitors is the very different way in which they deal with the 30-minute duration of the event. At each point in time, it is an installation, a concert, a performance, a reading…with a different arc of tension each time. Invariably, the visitors have to find their own way. Should they walk around, sit still, are they allowed to talk or are they better off keeping quiet? Brigitt Lademann borrowed the title “Zone” from the film “Stalker” by Tarkovsky. His zone is a broken, post-industrial zone pervaded by perpetual sounds of dripping, where strange things happen. It is dangerous and forbidden, but where aliens have possibly left a space where wishes could be granted. Paths to it must be carefully chosen.

Zone 1 Drops
Zone 2 seeing music
Zone 3 Extraterrestrial
Zone 4 Fog 1-6
Zone 5 cracked everyday electronics
Zone 6 Algae and Soil
Zone 7 Fluoerscent Seas of Mist