Hanna Sathiapal

Long ago Brigitt Lademann set up a floor projection of images from outer space for Hanna Sathiapal as part of a larger exhibition. Ever since she has been fascinated by the photos that NASA posts on the Web. This also coincides with her long-time love for science fiction. For Zone 3, Hanna Sathiapal and Brigitt Lademann have put together an exhibition. An exhibition for one evening. What a crazy idea! Hanna supplied all the material and Brigitt staged it. It is dark and quiet in the exhibition room – like in outer space. With large image projections of stars and galaxies (taken by the Hubble Space Telescope) reflected in black pools of water, the two give the viewer the feeling of floating in space. Up is also down. At floor level is a brief slide show of the Earth rising and setting, photographed by the first astronauts on the moon in 1969. The three most famous constellations of the northern hemisphere can be seen in black tubes. Above them, the Milky Way rotates in a projection. Three monitors show videos of the sun’s surface with eruptions, the latest photos of the surface of Mars and images of dying stars. In addition, viewers can see many tangible pictures of Mars, star nebulae and solar pictures. Hanna has a lovely collection of pictures of the solar surface from the time of the first telescopes until today. The two women are particularly fascinated by the obvious influence of the spirit of the times on the aesthetics of all the images and photos they exhibit. The contemporary images in particular seem relatively kitschy to them. Is that American taste? And how original are those colors actually? Sathiapal reads a text on these reflections. At the end, Professor Csillaghy knows the answer to all questions about space.


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