Drops falling in water can be heard and seen at the same time. On the one hand, there is the noise of drops, whose sounds are always unpredictably different. On the other hand, the waves created in the water and their play of light reflected in the surroundings. Intense dripping sounds immediately remind Brigitt Lademann of the film “Stalker” by Tarkovsky: the search for answers to crucial questions in a broken, post-industrial and forbidden zone permeated by perpetual sounds of dripping, where aliens have possibly left a space where wishes can be fulfilled. In the Zone 1 installation, selective quotations of nature and remnants of civilization pervade the “iifall” room at oxyd to the extent that it remains true to itself and yet allows a new world to emerge. After all, we can artificially produce nature and rain. We have images and ideas in our heads of how these systems work. The laboratory glasses she uses for dripping indicate where our functional images come from. Jürg Gasser recorded the dripping sounds of the installation and cut a loop in which intensity and timbre change. This soundtrack belongs to the Zone 1 installation and will also be part of Zone 2.