Seeing Music


Jürg Gasser and Jonas Labhart


Jürg Gasser and Brigitt Lademann examine the question of how music and visuals can be combined in such a way that both remain as significant as possible, without accentuating or adorning the other. Not an easy feat.
Zone 2 shows a very tangible possibility. It mechanically links acoustic waves, which we cannot see, with water, whose waves we can certainly see.
The saxophonists Jonas Labhart and Jürg Gasser improvise with their instruments via microphones that are connected to loudspeakers. However, these loudspeakers are not at all conventional. Although they stand on speaker feet in four water basins, they transmit their vibrations in the water via drinking straws that are glued on to them.
With light and its reflection on the water surface, the waves are made visible. In addition to this live performance, there are programmed soundtracks in which drops from the previous installation can also be heard. Recorded dripping sounds thus form rings in the water again, this time indirectly. Two bass loudspeakers are placed under the water basins. They are able to make the water vibrate without a “mixer”, thereby resulting in a concert that you can not only hear, but also see. And because the musicians see what they play, both their ears and their eyes influence their performance.
The four basins are painted in different shades of green, each of which corresponds to a body of water that is important to Brigitt Lademann: mud-green for the Glatt stream, near her home and the Greifensee; leaf-green for the Glatt stream with sea grass and sun; watermelon-green for Walensee; and light blue-green for swimming pools, but also water in gravel pits.

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© Peter Huber

© Peter Huber