Water Nr. 3


Gallery Brandstetter & Wyss, Zurich
august 26 to october 1 1994

In these works, the visual and acoustic aspects are concretely combined.

The underlying question in the most recent installations -„How can I combine the acoustic and visual aspects without having them simply serve as an accompaniment to one another?“- is the point of departure for her imaginary “circular motions”. In these installations, exhibited at Galerie Brandstetter & Wyss in Zurich in September 1994, the sound waves of a spoken text are transmitted onto the surface of water in a basin and can be seen as ripples, both on the water and –in a projection- as an “image” on the wall. Speakers, slide projectors, colourfully painted trays, text and/or song are all equal parts of the whole here. The text has a poetic-associative tone and is later a technical description of the installation, thus completing the circle of thoughts concerning this work.

Nadine Olonetzky
Sharon Kroska e