Skulpturenpfad Fällanden
mai 25 to october 21 2012

A basketball hoop has been converted/transformed into a “Knitknack” with 24 metal pegs. Now, in place of a normal net, a knitted wurst hangs down to the ground, where it spreads out, as if it were liquid.

Fascinated by the scores of basketball hoops on walls of houses, garage doors, school grounds, etc., that usually languish in oblivion without a net, I have often knit them one in my mind. It is a handy idea, originating from the assortment of things you learned to make with your hands. Working with your hands makes them clever. Making a small “Knitknack” with a knitting knobby was my first step in learning to knit.
What fascinates me about knitting is the idea of arranging a single thread so ingeniously. All sorts of shapes, as it were, can be created by knitting stitches together or adding them at the right place. It results in a three-dimensional surface area.
Creating a clever knitting pattern is a fairly challenging mathematical task.
This work also belongs to my “Home stories” and assumes the role of “Rapunzel” there.
“Knitknack” is adaptable. Officially, a basketball hoop hangs 3.05 metres from the floor or ground. Here it is approximately 4 metres. I find the relationship to a window important. “Knitknack” could ultimately be used as a fire escape ladder – or perhaps also the other way round.