Fog 1 – 6


Béatrice Jaccard

music by François Gendre
soundscape by Jürg Gasser

Are the two women working in the laboratory? Or is it more likely that they are alchemists – or even witches? Both like to look at the world scientifically, rationally. In art, emotions are added anyway, and the two revel in this field of tension. To understand something gives new perspectives and often the possibility to master it. Nevertheless, they cannot climb clouds in the sky, so they bring them down to earth by creating fog, drifting in fog, pushing through fog blankets, letting fog rain out…. in other words, they try their hand at veritable weather magic. Fog witches, definitely. Or perhaps they are rain goddesses? In any case, they stand at the control panel and boldly intervene in weather processes: they speed up passing cloud banks, conjure clouds, swallow swaths of fog, dance at the fog line…
They do this with videos, vacuum cleaners, kettles, fog machines, with dance, sounds and music.
Six numbers on fog, or was it seven?

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© Peter Huber
© Peter Huber
© Peter Huber

© Peter Huber