Fluorescent Seas of Mist


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Peter Weber
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Fluorescent Seas of Mist

Brigitt Lademann suggested an idea as the starting point for all the artists she asked to participate. In Peter Weber’s case it was text and colour. She told him about interesting experiments with luminous colour rows and music and also mentioned that she had worked with slide projectors at that time. Weber knew slid e projectors well from his collaboration with Andreas Züst.And immediately it was there, the desire to return to earlier times with clacking projectors, which were absolutely high-tech back then. And a desire to use the stunning photos by Andreas Züst. They are twilight photos. Photos that are only possible under very specific weather conditions. Conditions that only occur two or three times a year, and only in winter. Since the evening of Zone 7 coincides with the end of the performance series, the end of the season for oxyd and the Christmas dinner for all employees, these winter night photos are a perfect fit. Brigitt is very surprised how well they also cohere with the “iifall” series, especially with Béatrice Jaccard’s nebulae and Hanna Sathiapal’s space images.

all photos © Courtesy Galerie Marlene Frei, Zürich

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