Travelling Bag


Gallery GS. kunstraum luzern, Abracadabra
may 22 to june 16 2001

The vacuum cleaner makes the „Carpet“ fly; the „Travelling Bag“ and the mixer form a rather ardent tryst with the bubble-bath foam; and the „Pillows“ are metamorphosed –with the aid of hairdryers- into charming, obsequious blossoms.

With just a slight twist on items taken for granted in everyday life, the perspective shifts and the object is transformed into something new. The term “Abracadabra” conjures up an image of metamorphosis.
In the exhibition with this title, Brigitt Lademann displays three works.: “Carpet”, “Travelling Bag” and “Pillows”. They belong to a group of her works best descripded as “erratic volumes”: works in which dough rises, bags of air are inflated and deflated with a vacuum cleaner, and basins of bubble-bath foam expand and then collapse.
The works here illustrate how real objects are transformed in such a manner as to allow for completely new associations, perhaps generating even stories as well. Ordinary items set in a slightly different context result in three installations which lend an air of the Arabian Nights to today’s highly mechanized European lifestyle.
In “Carpet”, a vacuum cleaner blows out air instead of drawing it in and thus the carpet flies; the “Travelling Bag”, together with the mixer and the bath foam, form a rather ardent tryst; and the “Pillows” are metamorphosed into charming, obsequious blossoms.