Main Hall ETH Zentrum, Zurich „Walking on Air“
february 10 to march 3 2000

Five hand-mixers of varying heights stand in a basin filled with bubble-bath soap. Because they are set to timers, they produce a variety of mountains of foam.

Aphrodite drank tea in my kitchen
Some experiences of imaginative housewives

On the floor stands a basin made of black PVC, 300x200x40 cm in size and stabilised by a metal frame. The basin is filled with water containing bubble bath to a level of 5 cm. In it, five manual agitators with correspondingly long oscillating brushes stand on metal supports of different heights. The supports and agitators are yellow. They are connected to the power supply via automatic timers and at various times produce different clusters of bubbles which disappear and reappear. The bubbles have a subtle hint of scent about them.

This work is linked to others which may be subsumed under the term „inconstant volumes“. But it also underlines the importance of a playful approach to everyday things, and to the worlds which appear anew in response to how we set the zoom function in our head. Did I not drink tea with Aphrodite in the clouds above Mount Olympus or when preparing to land on Venus? With at least a wink of complicity to Lem and Tarkowski.