Alphabet Buildings


Galerie Römerapotheke, Zürich
december 12 2003 to 14 february 14 2004

Ten small objects comprised of alphabet noodles are displayed in the upper room of the gallery. With their three-dimensional aspect, they bring to mind images and ideas wich conjure up texts in one’s mind.

“Books teach us to talk about things that we don’t understand” said Jean-Jacques Rousseau once. Or: Have you ever seen an igloo? A real one made of snow and ice, in faraway Greenland? Although the real three-dimensional impression is lacking – and will perhaps allways be lacking – the picture of an igloo forms and enduring part of our culture, of the cultural broth in which were steeped. The second work which Brigitt Lademann presents also deals with phenomena which exist in our imagination because we have haerd stories and read books: ufos or archetypal romantic ruins. Composed of noodle letters from the sentences of literary texts, such as those by Stanislaw Lem or Charlotte Brontë, these fragile objects represent brief pauses down memory lane. They recall the fragility of ideas which we use to make sense of everything, possible or impossible.

Nadine Olonetzky
manrey e